The world according to a pencil and a d20

Kampanjen begynte såvidt i Tromsø i 1998 og består i dag av en myriade av 2nd ED AD&D-/3.5 ED D&D-/hjemmelagede regler, monstre, klasser, mytologier, eventyr og annet.

Mye er også lånt og stjålet og dårlig kamuflert fra alle mulige slags andre kilder :o)

Masks and Daggers of Hugin and Munin

ItemsPosted by Gjermund 11 Oct, 2011 10:39
The Avatars of Hugin and Munin always keep their items in a Bag of Holding which is kept in a pocket dimension. By uttering the right command words, they are able to summon and dismiss the bag. The artifacts inside the bags are a raven-like mask and a pair of identical daggers for each.

At will: Invisibility, Inaudibility, act as if Hasted 5 rounds a day (no aging)
Constant: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Speak with birds
Move Action: Shapeshift into raven 3 times a day, Arms grow into wings (fly speed 24) 3 times a day
Standard Action: Stoneskin 3 times a day (as lvl 20 spellcaster), Blink 3 times a day, Blur 3 times a day, Withdraw 3 times a day, Mirror Image 3 times a day, Truestrike 3 times a day, Hold Person 3 times a day
Artifact Transformation: Roll vs Polymorph every day or be forced to steal something which you keep in a secret/safe/hidden location. All things you steal must be shiny. You get +50% PP when you try to steal something this way.

(4 daggers, looks like extremely long scalpels)
Cannot be used to parry
Count as Epic when it comes to overcoming damage reduction
1d4 dmg, no damage bonus, no STR bonus to dmg, never crits, but never miss (except on a natural 1, but no fumble)
Grants the following NWPs: Anatomy, Healing, Diagnostics, Surgeon
Artifact Transformation: Roll vs Polymorph every week or kill an innocent victim by using your Surgeon NWP

The rest only applies to Rogues:
If used to Backstab, you get 2 Backstab attacks, each dealing 1d4 dmg+backstab mod (assuming you use 2 daggers)
Anyone trying to parry the daggers will fail
Cuts through stoneskin
Each dagger deals one extra attack every round.
Coup de Grace (Ex): If an opponent is unaware of your presence, you can make a full round action Coup de Grace (dex check, DC 28 + opponent's level). If you succeed, the opponent is forced to make a con check (DC 10 + your level) or die instantly. Your attack is assumed to hit automatically, unless you fail the Coup de Grace check.. If you fail the check, you plunge yourself towards your opponent and miss completely, granting him an automatic AoO. If your check succeeds, but your opponent succeeds his con check, your attack will deal zero dmg, but the opponent will feel the blade missing a vital area, knowing instantly he was an inch away from death! Creatures/people immune to critical hits and even undead are not immune to this effect.
Nimble (Ex): every time an opponent misses you, you are allowed a free AoO.
Each hit does one of the following (choose yourself before you roll):
+1 bleed pr. round for 10 round (Ex)
-1 AC for 10 rounds (Ex)
-1 movement for 10 rounds (Ex)
-1 hit for 10 rounds (Ex)
Silence for 1 round (Ex)
Slow for 1 round (Ex)
Cause a wound which cannot be magically healed (Su)
Cause a wound which cannot heal by normal means (Su)

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The Ranger Companion

ItemsPosted by Gjermund 03 Oct, 2011 11:31
In the cave where a colossal Dinosaur Dragon was trapped, adventurers stumled upon a corpse of a catlike humanoid clad in a mithril armor. And even though both the surrounding area and the skeletal remains had been severely damaged by acid, the mithril armor and two-handed scimitar was unscatched. After examining the items, it was determined that this set were artifacts designed by no other than the mysterious tiny people on the strange world.

The Ranger Companion is a four-piece set which provide added bonus if all all worn together, and even additional bonuses if the wearer is a Ranger.

Mithril Chain Armor:
AC +7
+50% HS
Supernatural Enchantments:
+10 AC
Immune to Fatigue and Exhaustion
No need for food or drink
No need for sleep

Mithril Boots:
AC +2
+50% MS
Supernatural Enchantments:
Walk Without Trace
Double Base Movement
MS & Tracking (if you know Tracking) with no movement penalty
Can leap forward 1m pr. lvl and upward 1/2m pr. lvl as a full round action

Mithril Gauntlets:
AC +2
Supernatural Enchantments:
+10 hit on melee attacks
+3 dexterity (not beyond 25)
Immune to Disarm

Two-handed Mithril Scimitar:
Base dmg: 1d20 vs all sizes
Base Crit: 18-20, X3
Supernatural Enchantments:
+10 hit/dmg
Keen (crits on 15-18)

Additional bonuses if you wear all 4 pieces:
(Su) Half damage from any physical damage, except falls
(Su) +1 Str & Con (can go above 25)
(Su) +10 Fast Healing (this fast healing also works on the strange world)
(Su) Free Fall, no fall damage can exceed 5d6 (this damage cannot be lowered in any way, not by DR, not by anything)

Even additional bonuses if you are a Ranger AND wear all 4 pieces:
(Su) Scimitar becomes +20 hit/dmg instead of +10 against favoured enemies
(Su) Chain Armor becomes +20 AC instead of +10 against favoured enemies
(Su) Gauntlets become +20 hit instead of +10 against favoured enemies
(Su) Boots allow you to Evade (DC 20) one physical attack pr. round against favoured enemies (any physical melee/ranged attack, including extraordinary abilities, but not supernatural or spell-like abilities)

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The Elder Wand

ItemsPosted by Gjermund 02 Oct, 2011 11:34
The first of its kind on the world it originated from, The Elder Wand is one of three powerful artifacts which are supposedly made by Death himself. The other two are the Resurrection Stone and the Invisibilty Cloak. What happened to the Stone is yet unknown, but the Wand and Cloak was found on the body of a young wizard somewhere in the strange world.

The Elder Wand is usable by anyone.


*Allows you to cast one epic spell as a full round action once a day. This spell can be any epic spell from the Epic Handbook, and there is no check needed to see if you can cast it successfully.
*Allows you to cast any wizard spell from the AD&D Players Handbook as a full round action, unlimited times daily.
Spells cast by the Wand ignore the MR of the target.
Adds +50% MR to the owner.
*Allows you to counter any lvl 1-9 spell targetted at you (or area effect spell which will affect you) by an opposed Wisdom check against the caster. Doing this drains you of 1 hp pr. lvl of the spell you are countering, regardless of whether your counter is successful or not.
All the Wand's touch spells have 5 feet range pr Charisma you have.
Grants you evasion against single target spells: Dex check DC 30 to avoid the spells.

*Must have the Wand in your hand for this power to function. The other powers function as long as the Wand is on your person.

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2011Posted by Jan Erik 01 Oct, 2011 20:51

It was finally time for Artemis to try “the Plane of Trials”.

After what Anthrax had told him it didn’t sound to bad. The worst part seems to be to get the approval from the council. I couldn’t be more correct about that.

I got hold of an air tight container so that I could bring with me a flower out from the planes.

It was then time to go see the council.

I went over to the Union Councils house and as soon as I came in the door I was greeted by a receptionist. He could tell me that the Council was in a meeting, but he could set me up for an appointment in two days. That was not acceptable. I wanted to see them now to get going. So I went in to the council chamber anyway. Inside was a guy discussing his problem with two council members. They asked what I wanted and told me to wait my turn. I told them I wanted to do the trials but they sad they would see me when they had finished with this guy. I left the chambers to wait. After two hours I went back in. They were still talking but they were almost done. I was told to wait again. So I did and after one hour I had had enough. I was about to enter when the other guy came out of the chambers. I hurried inside but the council members were gone. I went back out to the reception where the receptionist was happy to set me up with an appointment in eight days.

I left and was back as soon as they opened the doors the next day.

I went straight in to the chambers set to wait until the council shoved up. Three council members shoved up a little later as a woman entered the chamber. I paid here no heed and tried again to be allowed to do the trials. They told me to get an appointment and let the woman state here case. I was determined this time so I refused to go anywhere before I had gotten permission to do the trials. They then asked me for my name and stupid me gave it up. They then found out I was not a citizen of Union and threatened to banish me. Eventually some people arrived and placed them selves around me and started chanting. It was impossible to escape the circle so I just repeated my intent and waited to be banished. Right before the spell complete the council stopped the casting. They urged me to get out and make an appointment. Then they would discuss the matter. I refused and sad I was not leaving the chamber until I was granted the right to do the trials. They then asked me to at least step aside and let the woman do talk. She had paid a lot of money to see them. They would then talk to me when they were finished with here. I agreed and they put up some kind of barrier so I could not hear what was discussed with the woman. Surprise surprise. When the woman was finished they just disappeared. I was getting pretty mad and decided to stay and wait until the next morning to try again. The receptionist eventually allowed me to stay and locked the chamber door before he left for the day.

The next day no less then eighteen council members showed up and an entourage of people with a lot of stars and ribbons came in. The council asked me to leave and come back when they were finished with these guys. I refused and told them I had tried that twice already. Every time they just disappear. He continued on that this was a very important meeting between nations that could prevent war. Tens of millions could die. That is a shame but I’m not leaving before I get what I want. The fancy guys got angry and left while the council bereted me. They rambled on about that they had newer witnessed a pore pathetic attempt to do the trials and were sure I would not make it. What ever. Eventually after some debate they granted me permission to do the trials if I agreed to let my new apprentice work for them for five years. I asked her and she was happy to do so. I was finally on my way.

After being done with the bureaucracy the trials them self were a breeze.

The “Weapon (Master)” was defeated in the first round. He was then kind enough to open the door. I found the path in the jungle and followed it until I came to the edge of a cliff. The trail went on to the cliffs edge so I jumped down in to the roaring river below. There was an opening in the rivers bottom that I swam in to. When I surfaced at the end of the tunnel, there was a hydra standing there waiting for me. I’m almost ashamed to say that one of its head’s survived to the second round before it fell off. Grabbing the key I unlocked the door out of the cave. I ran on until I found myself on an arena. Finally there was the three headed Sirrush. Before he knew what was happening I was on its back. He took off and made a futile attempt to brush me of on the tree tops before he surrendered and flew to the mountain top. There I picked a flower and feed it to the Sirrush and tucked another one away in my container. The Sirrush then flew me back to the gate and we both went through back to Union.

The council members were surprised to say the least. But they made me “Honorary Citizen” of Union and gave me a mansion in the city.

I’m no wondering what destiny awaits me when I ascend to godhood. Will I be a cruel or good god? The future will tell.

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The Invisibility Cloak

ItemsPosted by Gjermund 01 Oct, 2011 10:34
Luckily for the adventurers who found his corpse, the young wizard had not covered himself in this artifact at the time of his death. Had he done so, they would never have been able to find him and steal all his belongings in their usual adventurous way. The origin of this cloak is unknown to most, but a few people of the home world of the young wizard knows how it came into existence.

The Invisibility Cloak is usable by anyone.

*Grants 95% MS/HS under all and any circumstances, as long as you cover yourself entirely in it (move action).
Grants Hide in Plain Sight.
While hidden under the Cloak, you are immune to ANY detection (apart from those who can ignore your immunities, which Demigods and Gods are known to do).
Provides +10 AC

*Once covered under the cloak, you will stay undetectable as long as you don't perform actions such as casting spells or attacking someone. Opening doors, climbing up walls, jumping over obstacles etc. are perfectly ok.

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The Fortunate Coin

ItemsPosted by Gjermund 30 Sep, 2011 12:42
Loacated amongst the belongings of a young wizard who was slain and partly eaten in the strange world, was an artifact in the shape of a silver coin.

The Fortunate Coin generates 1 gold coin every day while in your possession. These gold coins are worth 1.000 gold each, and can be used to pay for anything. However, you will never receive any change, no matter how little your purchases cost.

If you willingly give the Coin away, your CHARISMA increases by 1 (also above 25), but you can never again own The Fortunate Coin.

While in your possession, the Coin grants you gambling, haggling and appraise NWPs.

Also, no one will ever try to pickpocket you while you have the Coin on your person.

The last power of the Coin, is the ability to flip the Coin instead of rolling a d20 once pr. round. If the result is heads, your roll is a natural 20. If the result is tails, your roll is a natural 1. There is no need for your character to actually flip the coin (this is done by the player), so you don't need to have it in your hand. But it must be in your possession.

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Mokferuso is back!

2011Posted by Hans Christian 29 Sep, 2011 14:30

The most important event: Mokferuso got rid of his female curse! Sing and rejoice, sing and rejoice everyone! Yeah, and we also killed a 400 meter long dragon with an incredible strong stomach acid. Here’s the tale of the epic deed done by the brave ones;

We met 14 large dinosaurs. Or more accurate to say, -they met us. Mokferuso was just blessing everyone with epic mage armor, when he suddenly took off into the air. 200 meters up he started to fall down again, and was spotted. So they came, attacked us and died/fled. Arthemis had a good day, decapitating heads as often as he could. But unfortunately we could not proceed into the fog this day, so we had to sleep over. But we spent the time well, planning the task ahead.

To avoid the dangerous monsters in the lake, we decided to fly directly to the pyramid. But we couldn’t fly over the smoke, because the airborne monsters would see us. So we flew just under the layer dividing the fog from the healthy air. And the plan worked perfect. We managed to fly in without any trouble at all. We passed the statues and saw that the top of the pyramid was gone, as well as deep cracks alongside it. The pyramid was hollow, so we flew downwards to the point where Mokferuso was too large. A “reduce” spell did the work, and we flew about 1000 meters downwards.

We discovered a natural cave, about 2 km long. Remains from a long dead “huge” flying dinosaur were identified at the bottom. It had deadly marks from a fight with another of its kind, and had probably just fallen into here by accident. We continued and followed the deadly smoke.

A new cave was found, -this one a bit smaller (700 meters long, 100 meters high). The smoke came from small cracks in the floor and lava kept on pouring down from the roof. Suddenly we saw the remains of a body, catlike woman, but nearly all bones were almost fully corroded. How strange; the items she wore; scimitar, chain mail, boots and gauntlets, were unharmed. But she and area (100x100 m) next to her were heavily damaged by something (we later experienced was acid). We found no way to enter the cracks going downwards. We continued our search.

Suddenly we found an item we thought could be what we were looking for. It was a black box with intricate ornaments of gold, but extremely evil. Arazaka had a closer look. He soon realized that the item we looked at was a tool to alter reality. To open it one need 20 successful DC 20 intelligence checks, and if you manage this you may alter the reality. But each time you use its powers, you lose 5 percent of your HP. If you fail the checks, or use it 20 times, Pinhead will come for you. We asked Romana if this was the item she was looking for, but she actually didn’t know. And since there was nowhere else to go, we asked Romana to grab the item.

Suddenly we heard a loud whisper; “Don’t touch it, -it’s mine”. “What the fuck?”, we all thought, but couldn’t see anything. Frustrating, because the box was the reason for us to be here. We tried again, and now the voice asked Arthemis to separate from the rest of the gang. Although Arthemis, -for some strange, unknown, and let us add; unintelligent reason, wanted to do this, we had to stop this madness from happening. Divide and conquer is a well-known strategy. Romana was asked to grab the box, and so she did.

“Incoming!!! A freaking biiiiiiig black dinosaur dragon”, shouted Arazaka. This was actually the last thing he did, before he had an acid bath and fell. Ottamata and Romana escaped the shower, and Arthemis was immune to acid. Now the beast appeared; 400 meters long, speed of 600 meters/ round. The dinosaur dragon was a biiiig mouthful, but we had some advantages. The non-magical smoke made some of us unable to use magic, but this also applied to the beast. Ottamata hid, Arthemis flew away with Romana and Mokferuso jumped on “Rommel”, pursuing the dragon. The next round Arthemis was attacked, and had to take about 140 in damage from the bit. Mokferuso flew a bit closer, and launched 4 “Otto’s irresistible dances” at the dragon. The coin found previously was a great help, and finally the 400 meter beast started to dance like it never had done anything else before. The dance, however, was a short performance, as a disintegrate ray hit the beast and he went off in a small “poof”.

We cheered for some seconds, and picked up the remains of Arazaka and the cat woman. We flew out the same way we came in, camping at the same spot as the night before. The whole night we followed a yellow star, and in the morning we came to the tiny people. They ignored the cat woman, and fully healed Arazaka. What a joy, seeing dead team members come to live again.

We had a small talk what to do next. We decided to stay in this wild world a bit longer. Here are some unfinished adventures just waiting for us to attend to…

Mokferuso, Arazaka and Ottamata

Team members

Small story; Arthemis managed to lose his hench-woman being trialed before the Union Council. My guess is that this was a big relief for him.

Pics: Scale 1:10 000 of the dinosaur dragon

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The Allseeing Eyes

ItemsPosted by Gjermund 29 Sep, 2011 09:25

The Allseeing Eyes is a pair of glasses, which along with three other artifacts were found on the remains of a boyish corpse in a strange world.

Permanent True Seeing
See as clearly as day at night
Grants Navigation and Astronomy NWP
+3 INT (not above 25)
Read any language
Grants Cryptography NWP
Read Magic at will
Standard Action: +50% detect traps
Gaze Attack: Suggestion, save DC 30
Grants Law NWP
Standard Action: Truestrike, max once a round, unlimited times daily
Full Round Action: Can identify any magic item (including relics and artifacts) with a successful int check DC 40.

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Hide of Loke

ItemsPosted by Gjermund 28 Sep, 2011 10:01
The Hide of Loke is the signature armor of Loke, one of the numerous gods who died on the planet Apocolips during Ragnarok. Odin, the most powerful of the gods, had planned that Ragnarok would cleanse the planet, but Loke made arrangements to thwart Odin's plans by building an energy supply system for the planet. The energy system was being fueled by Loke's three signature relics and The Moral Compass. In addition, he made changes to the human population, so that they would be able to survive the uninhabitable planet after Ragnarok.

And Loke's plan almost succeeded. Thousands of years later, an adventurer group located his tower and were able to make their way in there. All they needed to do to save the planet, was to flip the switch to the energy supply system. Instead, they ran off with his relics and left the planet. Unbelieveable - yet true.

The Hide of Loke is a skin of sorts which attached to your body and allows you to wildshape (su) into any 2nd Ed monster from the monster manual (as long as it is used in the campaign). The stats of the monster you wildshape into, are added to your own.
In addition, the Hide grants you dexterity 30.
The downside, of course, is that all your future children will be evil lychantropes.

The Hide starts at level 1, and requires 100.000 xp pr. level until in reaches level 20.

1. 20 rogue points pr. level
2. +1 natural AC pr. even level
3. Dodge
4. Evasion
5. Immune to all breath weapons
6. +4 all saves
7. Immune to critical hits
8. +2 all ability checks (not proficiency checks)
9. Immune to normal weapons
10. Hide in Plain sight

Note: The Hide will not level up beyond level 10 unless the wearer is Chaotic

11. Double base movement
12. Improved Evasion
13. +5 Initiative
14. +20 DR vs bludgeoning weapons
15. Epic dodge
16. Immune to non-epic weapons
17. +20 saves against giants and giant-kin
18. Planeshift at will
19. Blinding Speed epic feat
20. Reroll one die daily, choose whatever result (cumulative with other reroll powers/abilities)

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Eye of Loke

ItemsPosted by Gjermund 27 Sep, 2011 09:57
The Eye of Loke is the signature item of Loke, one of the gods who died during Ragnarok on a distant world. To use it, you must remove your own eye first. If the Eye is ever lost, no new eye will ever grow back where your old one once was.

The Eye of Loke grants you intelligence 30, as well as Fast-talking and Diplomacy nwp. You are also immune to any lie detection, including detection powers of Gods (unless they can bypass your immunities).

The Eye starts at level 1, and requires 100.000 xp pr. level until it reaches level 20.

1. Eye of Animal Friendship
2. Eye of Human Influence
3. Eye of Elemental Command
4. Permanent Mind Blank
5. +5% psionic resistance
6. Immune to Gaze attacks
7. Eye of Free Action
8. Disintegration at will
9. Charm Gaze at will
10. Permanent True Seeing

Note: The Eye will not level up beyond level 10 unless the wearer is Chaotic.

11. Eye of Life Protection
12. Domination at will
13. Reflect 1 single target spell daily
14. Permanent Vocalize
15. Penetrate any darkness
16. Cast True Strike (standard action) unlimited times daily
17. Eye of Rulership (1d10X100 HD)
18. +3 INT/WIS/CHA (can exceed 25)
19. Your touch spells have +30 feet range
20. Medusa Gaze (su)

Medusa Gaze:
Gaze attack
Standard Action
MR & saves of target are halved

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